Spanish clubs incredible record in European finals

Spanish clubs have won the last 18 Champions League/Europa League finals they have played against a non-Spanish opponent.

Since Valencia’s penalty shoot-out defeat to Bayern Munich in 2001, a Spanish club has won in every final:

▪️ Real Madrid (Champions League 2002 vs Bayer Leverkusen)

▪️ Valencia (UEFA Cup 2004 vs Marseille)

▪️ Sevilla (UEFA Cup 2006 v Middlesbrough)

▪️ Barcelona (Champions League 2006 vs Arsenal)

▪️ Barcelona (Champions League 2009 vs Manchester United)

▪️ Atlético Madrid (Europa League 2010 vs Fulham)

▪️ Barcelona (Champions League 2011 vs United)

▪️ Sevilla (UEFA Cup 2014 vs Benfica)

▪️ Sevilla (Europa League 2015 vs Dnipro)

▪️ Barcelona (Champions League 2015 vs Juventus)

▪️ Sevilla (Europa League 2016 vs Liverpool)

▪️ Real Madrid (Champions League 2017 vs Juventus)

▪️ Atlético Madrid (Europa League 2018 vs Marseille)

▪️ Real Madrid (Champions League 2018 vs Liverpool)

▪️ Sevilla (Europa League 2020 vs Inter)

▪️ Villarreal (Europa League 2021 vs Manchester United)

▪️ Real Madrid (Champions League 2022 vs Liverpool)

▪️ Sevilla (Europa League 2023 vs AS Roma)

Sevilla won the UEFA Cup/Europa League in Eindhoven in 2006, Glasgow in 2007, Turin in 2014, Warsaw in 2015, Basel in 2016, Cologne in 2020, and Budapest in 2023.

Having eliminated Manchester United and Juventus to reach this year’s final, José Luis Mendilibar’s side went one step further to clinch the title against José Mourinho’s Roma.

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