Real Madrid Has the Best Midfield in the World!

Real Madrid is one of the biggest clubs in the world. Many fans believe that Real Madrid is the greatest club because it has the most European championship titles. Real Madrid has won 14 European championship titles so far, and this season is a big favourite in the Champions League. We must never write this team off. We saw how they came back after falling behind in some matches last season. We always have to place Real Madrid among the favourites in the Spanish championship and the Champions League. Real did not show the best games in the last few games before the World Cup break. Although Real achieved a routine victory against Barcelona, ​​they allowed the team from Catalonia to overtake them. Real Madrid first drew against Girona, and then was shockingly defeated by Rayo Vallecano.

A very bad Cadiz almost stole points from Real Madrid. Barcelona now has a two-point lead, and most of the players on both teams finished the World Cup earlier than we expected. A large number of players from Real Madrid did not play for Spain. Only Carvajal and Asensio got the opportunity to represent Spain at the World Cup. Most of the 2010 world champion team was made up of Barcelona players. In the end, Spain didn’t even make a name for themselves and their performances were at the level of the team’s games, which has had big problems in the last few seasons. For now, despite the defeat against Real Madrid, Barcelona can be satisfied with their position in the Spanish league. As for Real Madrid, some of its best players reached the finals of the World Cup. Because of those players, we could say that Real Madrid currently has the best midfield in the world.

Luka Modric is an incredible player who, at the age of 37, once again led Croatia to the finals of the World Cup. Luka is one of the fittest players today, but Ancellotti may be worried that Luka is an irreplaceable figure in the national team. He played a lot of minutes in Qatar and will be very exhausted when he returns to Madrid. It should be expected that he will get a chance to rest after he returns from the World Cup. The season in Spain continues at the end of this year when Real will host Valladolid and then Villarreal a week later. Real Madrid should not allow the loss of points in these games because the fight with Barcelona for the title could become more complicated. In addition to Modric, the much younger Aurelien Tchouameni also takes care of the midfield at Real.

When Luka retires, he will have a worthy successor. After the World Cup, it should be expected that Modric will retire from the national team. For now, it is not known how long he could play for Real Madrid. Tchouameni is not the only French player who plays for Real Madrid. Eduardo Camavinga also plays in Madrid, so Real has players with incredible potential. Real have two experienced players and two very young players who will replace those two in the right way in the future. Toni Kroos is 32 years old and after the failure at the European Championship with Germany last year, he left the national team. He, unlike some other players, judged that he could no longer help the national team. Kroos believes that younger players should be given a chance.

Unlike the national team, Kroos still has a lot to offer to Real Madrid, but even when he leaves the Spanish giant one day, he will have an adequate replacement. Real has done a great job by bringing in Tchouameni and Camavingo and we can rightly say that they have the best midfield in the world. Uruguay finished the competition in Qatar in the group stage, and one of the better players was Federico Valverde. He is a great player who scored a lot of goals this season. The mentioned players can play in several positions, so Carlo Ancellotti can combine them in several ways. The reason why Real Madrid stumbled before the break was due to Karim Benzema’s injury. Just as he recovered from his injury, another shocking piece of information arrived. Karim had to miss the World Cup due to a new injury.

Ancelotti would be happy if Benzema does not play for some other reasons as in the past, but not because of the past. Benzema had a very turbulent career in the national team. We are well aware of the sex scandal he was involved in when he was blackmailing Valbuena. He returned at the European Championship last year, but France did not produce a result worth mentioning. In addition to Benzema, Vinicius and Rodrygo recorded great performances this season. That’s why Eden Hazard rarely gets the chance to play in the matches of the royal club. Hazard and the aforementioned Brazilian players did not have good performances at the World Cup. Brazil was eliminated in the quarter-finals, while Hazard went home after the group stage. The Italian coach is mentioned as one of the new coaches of Brazil. He can be happy that Brazil ended the competition earlier than expected.

This meant that Modrić would spend more minutes on the field. Luka is an incredible professional and the question is how long will he even want to rest after the World Cup. When we watch Luka on the field it looks like he can run all day long without stopping. Modric is the real leader of his national team and Real Madrid. According to the names that have played for Real in recent years, Modric is not the biggest name, but his contribution to Real Madrid’s success is incredible. It should come as no surprise to anyone that Real have won the European Championship so many times in the last decade when they have players like Luka. Already in the round of 16 of the Champions League, we will see a replay of last season’s Champions League final. Real Madrid will face Liverpool again.

In this way, already in the round of 16, we will be without one of the giants of European football. Liverpool is not shining in the Premier League this season. Jurgen Klopp can be happy that the team’s best player, Mohamed Salah, did not play in the World Cup because Egypt did not qualify for that competition. In such games, Real is always the favorite precisely because it has been the European champion 14 times and knows how to play games in the knockout phase in the right way. We will have the opportunity to watch all the players mentioned above at that match, and you should not hesitate to buy Real Madrid tickets for this season. As for the Spanish league, Real will have the only rival for the title in Barcelona. We will see how the failure of the Spanish national team will affect the results of Barcelona. Spain was expected to do well, and the majority of the team was made up of Barcelona players.

For now, the fight for the title is much more uncertain than last year, when Real won a new title convincingly. In the second part of the season, Barcelona welcomes Real Madrid to their home ground, so it could happen that this match will be very important. If Barcelona maintains the advantage, then the victory would be a big step toward the title. Barcelona did not win in only two games, but the question is how realistic it is to have such a performance in the rest of the season. Last year, she had big problems in games against smaller teams. Real should be given the advantage in this fight precisely because at the moment they have the best midfield in the world, from which several players have reached the finals of the World Cup. We will also see if Modric and his teammates can reach an unreal 15 titles in the Champions League, and Real has all the necessary resources for that endeavour.

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