Karim Benzema: “I was lonely in Madrid and didn’t speak the language.”

In an interview with GQ, Karim Benzema spoke about his early days at Real Madrid.

“The beginning was difficult, very difficult, because I was very young and very lonely in Madrid. I didn’t know the language. The first season was very complicated, but it also forced me to reflect and say: ‘This is not easy. I have talent, everything I need to succeed at this club, but I have to find out what I need to improve to keep growing. If I continue at the level I’m at now, I won’t succeed’.”

Who were your heroes when you were growing up?

“I would say my heroes are my father and my mother. Because they had a hard time, a really hard time. I didn’t have a football player as a role model. I’m not going to tell you that I always managed on my own, but coming from where I come from, I had to excel in something. At 15 or 16 I started to be inspired by Ronaldo, Zidane and others to learn, but I never said: ‘I want to be like him’.”


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