Jordi Alba: “I hope that Sergio Busquets and Diego Llorente can return.”

Speaking to AS, Spain left-back Jordi Alba discussed the current situation in the Spanish camp ahead of Euro 2020.

“It’s a very unpleasant and difficult situation, but we’re going to overcome it. I hope that both Busi [Sergio Busquets] and [Diego] Llorente can come back. I’m certainly not the one who has to make that decision. That’s up to Luis Enrique. But my greatest joy would be to give the armband back to Busi because I want him to recover and return. Not only is he the best in the world in his position, but he is a great team-mate and a great person. A leader that the whole national team loves and respects. It’s very hard to be here with all the excitement of going to play in a European Championship, to be then told that you’re positive for Covid-19 and have to go home.”

How is morale in the group?

“We’re fine. But we have to get it back to normal, train and prepare as well as we can. We have no choice but to keep working and to stay positive.”

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