Antoine Griezmann admits playing for France is like playing for Atlético Madrid

Speaking to L’Équipe, France striker Antoine Griezmann discussed the differences between playing for the national team, Barcelona and Atlético Madrid.

“In France, I’ve earned respect. With the national team, the play goes through me, I feel much freer like I did when I played for Atlético Madrid. At Barcelona, the criticism was sometimes exaggerated. I feel more comfortable playing with freedom. It’s true that when I’m played on the wing, I don’t have the dribbling or the speed to play one v one.”

Current form

“I feel in great shape despite having not played a lot at the beginning of the season, I think I’ve finished very strong over the last few months. I’m less tired now than I was in 2018 or even 2016. From my point of view, I’m happy. We have done some good preparation. Physically, I’m better than in previous years.”

Karim Benzema

“Like everyone else, I noticed Benzema’s return when Didier Deschamps announced the squad. I was surprised, obviously, but above all I was happy. Frankly, we can only be delighted to have him back. We have to do our best to make him feel as good as possible, as quickly as possible, and to give him this confidence. He is a person we can easily play with and he is obviously welcome.”

Lionel Messi

“My relationship with Messi is good. We understand each other well. We sometimes send messages to each other and we communicate a lot in training. On the pitch, he is a player who is very easy to play with. In the game, he’s getting better and better. This year has been complicated by injuries and in a system where not everyone has been playing in their best position. But now a new season is about to begin with new additions to the squad.”

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