Jordi Alba: “I can only tell you that my thought has always been to be at Barcelona.”

In an interview that appeared on Marca, Jordi Alba discussed his situation at the club and offers he had over the summer transfer window:

The 33-year-old revealed his feelings about playing less this season:

“I don’t have to claim my position. I’ve been at the club for many years, I’ve been through times when I haven’t played. I always try to be as good as possible and now I haven’t had those minutes. I’ve been more on the bench, but I try to encourage the group as much as I can.”

“The atmosphere is extraordinary. When it’s my turn to play like it was two days ago, I’ll try to do my best and help the team. I’ve never complained if I don’t play. If I do play, I never ask. Work, work, work and hopefully I can play a lot of games this season,” he added.

Jordi Alba was also asked about the opportunity to move to Inter Milan over the summer:

“I can only tell you that my thought has always been to be at Barcelona. I see myself capable of being here, if not, I would be the first to leave. Then the club will look at their interests. I have always shown my commitment to the club, to the coaches. I will never get involved in the club’s interests. I can’t tell you more. I’d like to tell you more, but I’m not going to go into it.”

He also praised the performance of Robert Lewandowski:

“He’s a leader. He’s a great competitor, he’s great in front of goal and that’s what he gives us.”


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