Fernando Sanz responds to Pep Guardiola: “Haaland has a release clause.”

Fernando Sanz appeared on Spanish media outlet El Chiringuito to claim that Pep Guardiola is wrong about Erling Haaland’s relase clause, report Mundo Deportivo.

Earlier this week it was communicated that Sanz asserted that the Manchester City striker has an exit clause that could see him join Los Blancos in 2024.

Despite Guardiola denying the claims made by Sanz, the former Real Madrid player reiterated what he said:

“It is up to Guardiola to say what he has said. The clause exists and the amount I still can’t say. I remember that when he was at Dortmund, people said there was no clause and Manchester City benefited from that and were able to sign him. I remember the signing of Luis Figo, who said it was all a lie in a newspaper and the next day he was at Madrid.”

He also elaborated on his previous claims:

“I’m not saying that they have exclusive priority. I say that, in this case, there is a clause with beneficial conditions to go to Madrid. He might go somewhere else if someone decides to pay 10 times more and prefers to go elsewhere.”


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