Casemiro: “Very few people know that my name is actually Casimiro.”

Speaking in an interview with Vamos, Real Madrid and Brazil midfielder Casemiro discussed several topics, including the origin of his own name and Kylian Mbappé.

On his name

Few people know that my name is actually ‘Casimiro’, because my mother’s last name is with ‘i’: Casimiro. When I was playing in Brazil, there was a game in Sao Paulo where people started calling me Casemiro. That day I played a great game and decided that they continue calling me like that, with ‘e’. And it is the same today.

On why he wears 14 at Madrid

When I returned after being at Porto they told me to choose between 21 or 14. I didn’t hesitate and took the 14 because of Xabi Alonso and Guti. They were two references with whom I learned and grew.

On Kylian Mbappé

He is a great player and at this club many names are spoken about. If Madrid signed all of them, we would have more than 100 players in the squad. Mbappé is not our player and I will talk about him when he is, or if one day he is. I like him, but I also like Neymar, Coutinho…they are footballers of extreme quality and everyone loves them.

On Eden Hazard

He knows that he is struggling, but in training, you can tell that he is a brilliant player. When he starts to find some form and plays three or four consecutive games, he will go back to being the same as always. Last year, he got injured during his best spell. He only needs continuity.

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