Xavi on Barcelona’s performance against Bayern Munich: “I’m pissed off but proud.”

Last night Barcelona suffered a 2-0 defeat at the hands of Bayern Munich in the second round of the Champions League group stages.

In his post-match interview which appeared on AS, Xavi argued that Barça played better than their German opposition:

“We were better than Bayern in many aspects. We were better physically and we dominated the first half. I’m angry because it was a day to win. It’s a learning experience, but it’s hard. We didn’t score despite having seven clear chances. You have to score them. I’m pissed off but proud.”

“If we equalised, we could say that we were better, but this is about winning. The first goal was from a corner and the second from not stopping counter-attacks. We have to work on that. They’re a complete team, but we’re at the beginning of a project. We have to improve these aspects,” he added.

The Barcelona coach believes that they need to finish the chances they create:

“It’s also about effectiveness. You get in front of the goalkeeper and you have to score. The first half was excellent, we had them in their half, we dominated them and we won duels. We deserved to win.”

Xavi also talked about the biggest take-aways from this loss:

“To learn from our mistakes. When the situation is bad, you learn. You can’t go 1-0 down from a corner like that. They shouldn’t be able to go inside on a counter-attack. We have to learn. We’re leaving with a 2-0 score-line, which is not what we saw on the pitch.”


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