Valencia president Anil Murthy: “Peter Lim is a fan, that’s my problem.”

In another episode of the Anil Murthy leaked audios saga, Valencia president Anil Murthy has questioned the professionalism of the club’s largest shareholder, Peter Lim, as reported by Superdeporte.

“We have a very clear plan, to clean up and hold on. We are cleaning up this year. My problem is that Peter Lim is a fan. I wanted to sell [Gonçalo] Guedes and Maxi [Gómez] but he said no.”

Describing him as a ‘fan’, Murthy acknowledged that although Peter Lim is committed to making Valencia a competitive team, it is not a realistic aspiration given the club’s financial problems. Murthy hinted that Lim’s approach is more like a Valencia fan, perhaps hindering his economic decisions.

“When we lost the other day (Copa del Rey final vs Real Betis), I don’t have a message from Peter Lim. He is a fan.” 

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