The curious secret behind Burgos’ success: “We only eat ham sandwiches.”

Burgos CF have been one of the most impressive teams in the Second Division in 2022-23, sitting in the promotion playoff spots and they have reached as high as first place this season.

When asked about their recent success, manager Julián Calero gave an unexpected response:

“We’ve gotten to the position we’re in because we eat ham sandwiches… large ones at that, but ham sandwiches nevertheless,” revealed the head coach.

Calero elaborated on his metaphor: “Being in such a good spot, some might say we can afford to give ourselves caviar every once in a while right? Wrong. Here we will continue eating ham sandwiches because we need to remember where we come from and appreciate our roots”.

Julián Calero at a recent press conference: “We eat ham sandwiches”

The message to the fans and to the players was clear enough. Calero wants everyone to keep their ambitions in check, to stay grounded, and not to let the situation get to their heads.

“If we can’t keep up this form and drop out of the playoff spots? Well, we’ll keep eating our ham sandwiches and try and fight our way back in.”

GSFN | Nicolás Antúnez de Mayolo

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