The Best Moments in La Liga History

La Liga is the top-tier Spanish league that is comprised of 20 teams that fight it out over multiple matches to win the title of the La Liga Championship. Each team and every player within the La Liga level plays at a first-division rate i.e., it does not get higher than this. You might have already played with some La Liga teams, whether on FIFA or Bonusfinder UK has their list here where you can find multiple ways in which you can partake or show support for your favorite team. 

When it comes to La Liga, there is often a lot of talk about the different problems the league is facing, it is a multi-billion dollar business and industry after all. There is often a lot of chatter about the managers and which of them is doing a good or poor job. Looking at which players are operating at the highest level and essentially a lot of talking and analyzing, which can often come across as relatively negative. This article, on the other hand, aims to share some of the best and heart-warming moments to be found in La Liga in the past few years. 

Heart-warming and Meaningful Moments

Take a look at Aritz Aduriz, the now-retired Spanish player, who came up in the first game of La Liga against the mighty Barcelona. At the time, Aduriz was in his eighth consecutive year playing for Athletic Bilboa and at the age of 38, he had announced that this would be his final year in the sport. He had spent the last two decades playing for some of the best teams across Spain and had decided that nearing the age of 40, the 2023 season would be his last. Athletic Bilbao was set against Barcelona, a formidable team that had its own amazing members. Nonetheless, the game ended at 1-0 for Athletic Bilbao, with Aduriz scoring a stunning goal. It was imperative because it was meaningful to him as he knew that these were his last matches as a professional athlete. 

Another heartwarming moment was when the 16-year-old Ansu Fati scored his first-ever goal for the team Barcelona. This was back in 2020 when he was still a minor. The great FC Barcelona team had drafted him as he showed incredible talent and passion for the game. However, as it is often seen, many young players show promise but still need to gain maturity before showing their true skills. This was not the case with Fati who scored a killer shot against Osasuna (in a game that resulted in a tie of 2-2) making Fati the youngest ever to score a goal wearing the FC Barcelona outfit. These two moments are incredibly special as for the one player, it was his way of saying goodbye to the sport and for the other, it was his way of saying hello. 

2020 was apparently a great year for meaningful soccer moments in the La Liga. Arguably one of the greatest players to ever grace the stage of a football field was Messi. In the game of Barcelona vs. Eibar, Messi was under a lot of scrutiny as he hadn’t scored a goal in over four games. This was very much unlike him and many fans and soccer analysts started to spread rumors that perhaps he had lost his touch. Messi could not have proven them wrong in a more severe way. He went out and scored 3 goals, a hat trick, in the first 40 minutes of the game. He dribbled and wheezed his way through defenders as if they were made of thin air. 


It is clear to see that La Liga showcases some of the most exceptional football known. Apart from superstar players, exceptional managers and die-hard fans, this league also showcases what soccer is meant to be about, which is passion and heart. Above are only three examples of meaningful moments but La Liga is filled with these such actions as players truly still play with their heart and soul when coming out to fight for the La Liga title as they know that it’s about more than just maneuvers, it’s about heart.

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