Sevilla set to report huge financial losses

As reported by Diario de Sevilla, the Sevilla board of directors is set to report losses of €20m for the past year, adding to deficits from the previous two years. 

Despite not encountering as many registration issues as other clubs and having some room in the winter market, Sevilla have taken steps to reduce the club’s wage bill by parting ways with players like Papu Gómez and Oussama Idrissi. However, this doesn’t signify a period of financial prosperity. 

Champions League football

While securing a spot in the Champions League may improve their financial outlook for the next season, it’s evident that the past year has once again resulted in financial losses. Diario de Sevilla confirms this, stating that the current management will present these €20m in losses at the upcoming General Shareholders’ Meeting, adding to the €41.4m reported in 2020-21 and the €24.8m in 2021-22. 

All of these financial setbacks occurred while the team were competing in the highest echelons of European football, which typically generates the most revenue.

Jake Staniland | GSFN

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