Sergio Ramos: “I think I could play in the 2026 World Cup.”

Speaking in an interview with Youtuber Ibai Llanos, Sergio Ramos admitted that he does not agree with that view that footballers who are over 30 years old are already in decline.

Football has evolved for the better on a physical level. There are certain players who took care of themselves ten years ago. My 34 is the 28 of 10 years ago. I feel stronger, faster and more experienced. I see myself retiring from football earlier for mental reasons more so than for a physical issue. I think I could play in the 2026 World Cup.

“Santiago Bernabéu used to say that there are no young or old players; there are good and bad players. I can perform for three, four or five more years, if my body supports me and the injuries work in my favour, I can stay at the highest level. I work hard for it to happen and my mentality will always be there. I make mistakes, but I learn from every one of them. I’ve been honest and I’ve always done my best.”

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