Sergio Agüero on Argentina: “The team is prepared so that Messi doesn’t always have to be at 100%.”

Sergio Agüero analyses, in words transcribed by Marca, a World Cup that he will experience from the outside.

On missing out on the World Cup

“Just yesterday afternoon I was thinking about that and I said to myself: ‘being away, I hope I don’t suffer too much’. But this is a World Cup and at some point the nerves will always appear,” the former Manchester City striker said.

And even more so in Argentina, where the World Cup has been going on for months. In Spain, it only started on Monday…

“The World Cup has always been very much lived in Argentina, and even more so after winning the Copa America in Brazil. The excitement has been renewed. This World Cup may be the last for many players, including Messi, and people expect a lot, with the ultimate goal of winning it. Leo has got us excited and we’ve been doing TV commercials about Qatar for five months now.”

Do Argentina need a strong Messi or do they need a strong team?

“I think Messi has been adapting to this new team. If Leo is at 100%, he can be lethal. But I would also say that a Messi at 60-70% would also work in this Argentina side because Scaloni’s team helps Leo a lot, which was not so much the case before. This team is prepared so that Messi doesn’t always have to be at 100%.”


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