Rodrygo describes Champions League final experience from the bench

Real Madrid forward Rodrygo was interviewed on Bola da Vez in Brazil where he discussed his ‘fight’ with Carlo Ancelotti in the Champions League final in Paris in.

Rodrygo was a substitute and admitted he had a tough time sitting on the bench. “It was a difficult game for me because of everything I had done in the semi-finals, I was dying to get on. I was sure that if I played for longer I was going to score a goal. I had this feeling inside. I was dying to get on, even at the end of the game I started ‘fighting’ with Ancelotti ‘I have to play, I have to play’. He told me ‘don’t worry, I’ll put you on’,” he explained in quotes picked up by Mundo Deportivo.

The Brazilian player went on to explain that “I’m not sure how many minutes it was, but it was almost the end of the game. I said to Ancelotti: ‘professor, am I not playing? He said ‘calm down, we have to close it out – because the score was 0-1 and he wanted to tighten things up – so I said: ‘Man, we’re here because of me, right. I’ve got to play’ (laughs). Ancelotti said, ‘No, take it easy. You’re going to play.’ Then he put me on towards the end. But it’s the title itself that counts. And of course, history was written in the semi-finals and I’m very happy about that.”

Rodrygo also spoke about his relationship with Vinicius. “It’s a very good relationship. He’s a guy I like a lot. He helped me a lot when I came to Real Madrid and he’s a brother to me, I really enjoy working with him,” he added.


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