Real Madrid preparing a bid for Napoli’s Fabián Ruiz

Real Madrid have made Fabián Ruiz their number one midfield priority, according to Sergio Santos of AS.

The club’s interest in the 24-year-old goes all the way back to last summer. Negotiations have continued since then and Madrid are closely monitoring the player’s situation and contract, which runs until 2023. There is the possibility of the Spaniard renewing his deal with Napoli, or leaving.

Madrid’s idea is to sign him this summer with a significant offer on the table for the Serie A outfit as they already know that there is no chance Napoli will give any kind of discount. Napoli are stable economically, with no financial issues and therefore there is no reason why they would allow a key player to leave for anything less than he is worth.

Fabián knows all about Madrid’s interest but doesn’t currently have a buy-out clause. He would only be willing to accept a contract extension on the condition that his buy-out would be set at a figure that Madrid would be able to meet – either this summer or the following one.

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