Real Madrid in fresh push against Barcelona over Negreira case – “Indications of sports corruption”

The powers that be at Real Madrid have kicked into gear a renewed effort to see Barcelona punished, for their role in the infamous ‘Negreira case’.

This subject of Barcelona’s court case has of course dominated the Spanish football headlines since all the way back in March.

The Blaugrana, for their part, have maintained their innocence throughout, adamant that they have not broken any rules.

And yet, they have been formally charged by prosecutors, after being found guilty of paying out millions of euros to the vice-president of Spanish football’s refereeing committee, José María Enriquez Negreira.

No conclusion to the case appears to be in sight, but one close rival who evidently have no intention of backing down in their pursuit of justice comes in the form of Real Madrid.

Florentino Pérez has not been shy in making public his opinion regarding Barcelona’s connection with Negreira, with the Spanish patron’s comments understood to have irreparably damaged the relationship between the country’s two biggest clubs.

And yet, Pérez and co, have today doubled down, by way of a lengthy letter to the Prosecutor’s Office.

The message, as cited by Marca, can be read in full below, with Real on this occasion having gone as far as to label Barcelona’s actions as ‘corruption’:

“There are indications of sports corruption of an unusual gravity and scope.

“It cannot be defended that the cause is based on ‘lucubrations and hypotheses not based on objective data’, nor on ‘imprecise and vaporous’ elements. Nor can it be said that any ‘specific data’ points to the fact that Barcelona has engaged in refereeing corruption, whether traditional or systemic, which could be considered offended or affected by Real Madrid as a participant in La Liga. On the contrary, the evidence that is being handled today is overwhelming and prevents us from relying on an alleged insufficiency of evidence on which to allege that no club was harmed by the facts denounced.

“Real Madrid is just as offended and its active legitimacy to exercise the private accusation is just as unquestionable. None of the appeals offer any factual or legal reason that justifies why, in the opinion of those investigated, whoever organizes or manages a competition should be considered aggrieved and, however, the clubs participating in it, which even more directly would have been harmed by its possible criminal alteration, should not.

“The appearance of Real Madrid (as an injured party) does not jeopardise the right of those under investigation to a process without undue delay, nor does it open the door for a massive appearance in the case of football clubs to make it procedurally unmanageable. It is not appropriate to group private accusations under the same representation and defence.”

Conor Laird | GSFN

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