Papu Gómez: “Not winning is a backpack that weighs you down.”

Sevilla host Borussia Dortmund this evening in the fourth round of the Champions League group stages.

In Sevilla’s pre-match press conference that appeared on Marca, Papu Gómez discussed the mood in the dress room:

“The atmosphere is a little better after the last game. With the new coaching staff there is renewed excitement and people are motivated and eager to get out of this situation.”

The Argentine midfielder elaborated on how things have changed at the club with the appointment of Jorge Sampaoli as head coach:

“It’s a completely different way of looking at football, which doesn’t mean that one is better or worse. It is up to us to grasp it as quickly as possible because there is no time to train since we play every three days. We have to try to put it into practice on the field.”

Gómez believes that they need to approach the match with a positive mindset:

“Not winning is a backpack that weighs you down and leads you to play without confidence and to be negative on the field, playing with fear. We did well in the last game, there are things to correct, but it may take time and we will have to be patient. However, results will come.”


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