Luis Suárez: “No one will push me out, I’ll decide when I go.”

Speaking in an interview with ESPN at an event organised by Puma, Atlético Madrid striker Luis Suárez stated that he’ll be the one to decide when it’s time to retire from the game.

The Uruguayan is currently the top scorer in LaLiga, after joining table toppers Atlético from arch-rivals Barcelona last September.

I still feel like I’m enjoying this moment that I’m in today, in football’s elite. Being at Atlético, you’re in football’s elite. Some people didn’t believe that I could still be at this level. I’ve got the same enthusiasm. I hope that this year, next year and for however many years it is, I keep competing and giving my best until you realise that you’ve gone as far as you can. But no one will push me out. I’ll decide when I go.”

The former Liverpool striker believes that his stubborn nature has been key to his success from the very start.

I’m one of those players who has always characterised himself as being stubborn. When I try something two, three, four times and it doesn’t work out, I’m not one of those players who will let their head drop, who will disappear. I’ll keep trying because I’ve been that way since I was a kid.

“I used to get criticised when I was 18 years old and the coaches I had, like (Suarez’s coach at Nacional in 2005/06) Martin Lasarte, used to say: ‘Don’t look at the goals that the 18-year old kid is missing, if he misses seven or eight. Focus on the fact that he’s still trying a third time or a fourth time. That’s what will make him go far.’ Those words stayed with me and I will be like that, I am like that.”

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