Luis Enrique talks Morocco, sleep, World Cup and TikTok

Luis Enrique has spoken via Twitch and discussed the Spain camp after Thursday’s defeat to Japan.

The Spain head coach wanted to thank the fans for their support, despite the latest setback.

“It’s wonderful to walk around Doha and see so many people supporting us, cheering us on, asking for photos, and so on.”

Saturday, a day off for the players

“The players had the day off and at 21:00 they had to be here for dinner. I played sport, analysed Morocco, and then I had lunch with my wife, my children and my brother and his family. It’s wonderful to be here in Doha.”

Group stage analysis

“The first match was spectacular, outstanding. In the second game, we were better than Germany and against Japan, except for the 12 fateful minutes, I watched the national team play in the way I wanted. In the end, that means that all the teams are difficult opponents.”

Team morale

“They’re at the top of their game. We did an analysis of the game, they gave their opinion on the match against Japan and they were very optimistic.”

Sleeping hours

“I sleep very well. I sleep with earplugs and I don’t notice anything. I know there is a prayer from 05:00 but I haven’t heard it yet.”

Analysis of Morocco

“I see a Morocco side that is very motivated. They are going to be a very difficult opponent. I have a feeling that there will be a lot of Moroccans there and that could work in their favour. It’s going to be a tough game, of course.

TikTok dances

“I’m a total arrhythmic. I don’t know how to dance even though I like it. I love TikTok and watching videos. I used to watch them with my little daughter and I still like it.”

World Cup schedules

“I don’t like the 20:00 in Spain and 22:00 here because it makes the day very long and when you wait for it, you get desperate. The next one will be at 18:00 here and I really like that.”


“I have been to New York many times. I have been to Los Angeles and the United States is a country I like very much. The first time I went there was in 1994, during the World Cup.”

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