Luis de la Fuente discusses the future of the Spanish national team

In an interview that appeared on Marca, Luis de la Fuente discussed how he envisages the future of the Spanish national team.

The 61-year-old will prioritise talking to the squad’s veterans:

“They are very important in Spanish football and in the national team. We have to talk to them and we are going to look at other more veteran and less veteran players. There are players I have in mind to call to present my idea to so that they can join the bandwagon. That’s what we need.”

“Busquets is a very important player for Spanish football and I want him to continue being so. I will also talk to others, but with Sergio Busquets I want to do it soon,” he added.

De la Fuente also wants to talks to Sergio Ramos:

“I’ve known him since he was a kid, I’ve trained him. Ramos is one of those heavyweights I will talk to. He is one of those players who have made history.”

The new La Roja coach believes that having these conversations is crucial for the future of the national team:

“We have to build a team and whoever comes has to come to add to it. They are very good as footballers and as people. I know they are good guys, but they can’t have any doubts. That’s what I have to convey to them and I know I’m going to get a positive response from everyone. Talking is something normal and natural. Especially to make a team.”

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