Koke: “I love coming to the national team, I am proud to represent my country.”

Spain are set to face Switzerland and Portugal in the Nations League.

In an interview that appeared on Marca, Koke discussed what Spain hope to achieve in the two games:

“It is very important for us to qualify as we did last time for the Final Four. They are two matches that will demand a lot from us – both Switzerland, which plays very well as a team, and Portugal, which has a lot of individual players. We are focused on trying to qualify for a tournament that we almost won last time, which will give us a lot of confidence for what is to come.”

The midfielder was also asked about whether it was a relief to come to the national team after Atlético Madrid’s poor start to the season:

“I love coming to the national team, I have always said that. I am proud to represent my country. It is not about relief, but about pride to be here. When I go to Atlético, I’ll be focused on Atlético, but right now I’m proud to be here, to represent my country. Being with my teammates makes me learn from those who are older and those who are younger. I’m excited and happy to be here.”

Koke gave a short answer when he was questioned about whether he thinks Diego Simeone or Luis Enrique is a better coach:

“For Atlético de Madrid, el Cholo, and for the national team, Luis Enrique.”


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