Karim Benzema: “When Cristiano Ronaldo played at Real Madrid he scored 50 or 60 goals a year.”

In an interview with France Football, Karim Benzema spoke about Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappé and Robert Lewandowski.

“My game hasn’t changed with Cristiano [Ronaldo] leaving, it’s still as natural, but now I am the one who finishes the chances. I have taken over in my own way, I’m not Cristiano, he’s not Benzema.

“When Cristiano played at Real Madrid he scored 50 or 60 goals a year. I used to have to provide more space. When he left [Real Madrid], what changed was that it was up to me to take over, score goals, provide the assists to my team-mates.”

On Vinicius

“He’s a young player, a very good player. You just have to talk to him. I know he was capable of producing a lot more. In two or three sentences on the pitch, in two or three moves, I showed him things, especially in and around the box. He has to make the decision himself, cross and make the decisive pass or shoot to score. He lifts his head, he looks forward. That’s Vinicius Junior now!”

On Kylian Mbappé

“Mbappé is going to be very big. He is already one of the great players and he is going to be very big. We are lucky to play together for the national team. I see his potential and I know what he is capable of doing.”

On Robert Lewandowski

“I don’t mind if I’m considered a goalscorer or not… I’m not one. Someone like [Robert] Lewandowski is that goalscorer, he is a goalscoring machine.”

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