João Félix: Adapting to Atlético’s style of play was not easy

Atlético Madrid forward João Félix has admitted that life was not always easy with the La Liga club.

“At the beginning, Atlético’s style of play was not easy for me because at Benfica I played a different brand of football. But if I’m here, I have to adapt, that’s what I have to do,” he said in words reported by Marca via ESPN.

“Now I feel comfortable with this style, I’m here to play for Atlético and I have to play with their style.”

The Portuguese forward also acknowledged that at the start of his time with the Madrid side he felt the pressure because of his price tag.

“At the beginning, it was difficult, because I wasn’t used to having that pressure, but with time, with the right people close to me, with the club, the situation became normal.”

The young forward has hit the ground running this season, creating three assists in Atlético’s win over Getafe.


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