‘I understand’ – Barcelona star has his say on Iñigo Martínez’s fan outburst

Barcelona star Pedri has provided his taken on the viral clip of teammate Iñigo Martínez to have made its way online on Monday.

Iñigo, for his part, has grabbed the headlines in Catalunya’s capital across the day to date.

As much comes after the 32-year-old was involved in a heated exchange with a member of the Barcelona fanbase.

After departing the club’s training ground, Iñigo stopped his car on the road, before emerging to confront the individual in question.

The defender’s anger was clear, with Iñigo have repeatedly warned both the supporter and his friend to immediately cease their repeated insults of him:

“This is the last time you call me stupid, and your friend too.”

Taking part in a Q&A for The Residency on Monday evening, it therefore came as little surprise when the incident involving his teammate was put to the aforementioned Pedri.

And, in his response, the midfielder moved to defend Iñigo, adamant that such issues would not arise in the first place if basic ‘respect’ was exercised:

“Iñigo’s situation with a fan? I understand Iñigo. In the end, we all have better and worse days, and it’s not nice to be insulted just for not taking a picture, a video, or stopping the car, which we often do. With respect everything is easier.”

Conor Laird | GSFN

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