Granada eliminated from Copa del Rey for fielding ineligible player

Granada have been eliminated from the Copa del Rey for fielding an ineligible player during their 3-0 victory over Arosa SC, however, according to Relevo the La Liga club are working to appeal the decision.

The side from Andalusia comfortably beat Arosa on Thursday, however in their starting line-up was goalkeeper Adri López. The 24-year-old is considered to be a reserve player, however, only those under the age of 23 from the reserves are eligible to play in the Copa del Rey.

As a result, Arosa issued a formal complaint and in response, the Spanish Football Federation have now announced that Granada have been removed from the competition. Furthermore, fifth-tier opponents Arosa will advance in the tournament in their absence.

Granada manager Paco López is enraged by the current situation, as he outlined his intention to play López in the build-up to the match and nobody at the club picked up on the potential issue.

Rajan Sangha | GSFN

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