Goal-line technology will not be used in La Liga next season

La Liga is the only major European league to not be using goal-line technology. All four of the other major leagues have implemented it, and it is even being operated in the Championship. The reason for it not being used in La Liga is that the President, Javier Tebas, believes that the close to €3m that would be required to implement the technology is too much.

The Premier League has been using goal-line technology for nine years now, and it has proven very useful in helping potential title deciders, such as Manchester City vs Liverpool in January 2019. John Stones made a goal-line clearance in which the ball was 11 millimetres away from being a goal. The goal was not given, and City went on to win the league in what was a crucial, and correct decision.

The lack of goal-line technology is a problem in La Liga, and this has been evidenced as recently as within the last week. Atlético Madrid drew 3-3 with Espanyol, and Atlético’s second goal was dubious. It could not be proven whether the ball fully crossed the goal line or not, yet the goal was given. Espanyol could have potentially won the game and taken three points instead of one, but they have now been relegated, in what was a huge decision.

Javier Tebas’s stubbornness to not fork out could be very costly for the league. La Liga has been at the forefront for decades, and only 10 years ago was universally regarded as the best league in the world. Following the departures of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, the league took an inevitable hit, but now it is in danger of falling further behind.

Japtej Ghura | GSFN

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