Gil Marín: “João Félix is the best player there is right now.”

Atlético Madrid CEO Miguel Ángel Gil Marín has spoken about João Félix in his interview with Sonora.

On signing the Portuguese forward

“It’s a gamble, it’s a risk. It shows the world that Atlético Madrid can compete with anyone in the market for players. Secondly, it’s a bet on the player who, I think, is the best player there is right now, at least I feel that way,” said the Atlético chief.

The 59-year-old is aware that he has not yet shown all the potential he has. “It’s true that we’re having a lot of problems adapting because of injuries, because of COVID, because of the way he and the team understand the game.

“What I can tell you is that when you make an investment of so much money you look for protection. In this case, the protection is a 7-year contract with a salary and at any time if the player does as we all hope, you have a guaranteed investment.”

On João Félix’s price tag

“People always give a lot of importance to the fee, when the problem really lies in the salaries. What kills clubs, what really hurts the bottom line are the wages. I am not worried about the investment of €120m, I would be worried if João had a huge salary.”


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