Ghana insist on convincing Nico Williams to play for their national team

Despite making his debut for Spain last week, the Ghanaian federation insist on convincing Nico Williams to join his brother Iñaki Williams in playing for Ghana.

Iñaki Williams played one game for Spain against Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2016. However, as the match was a friendly, Ghana able were to encourage FIFA to allow the 28-year-old to switch allegiances.

The Ghanaian federation believe that they will be able to convince Nico Williams to play for Ghana as well and they have not given up hope that he will follow in his brother’s footsteps.

In an interview that appeared on Marca, the head of the Ghanaian federation Kurt Okraku insisted that the switch will happen:

“He has been called up for Spain and I wish him well, but he will return home. Iñaki also played for Spain. We will keep talking, he is one of us.”

However, unlike Iñaki Williams, who played in a non-competitive friendly, Nico Williams has already played in the Nations League, a competition which is recognised by FIFA.


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