Gerard Piqué on lifestyle as a player: “You have to go out when you’re 20.”

Gerard Piqué spoke to Ibai Llanos for the first time after announcing his retirement from football.

“I understand that people care so much about football but they have to understand that players are people. You are not a robot who only trains, eats and sleeps. We need to have a social life, to go out partying…”

“Me in a career of almost 20 years competing at the top level means I’ve taken care of myself. And I’ve gone out partying. You have to go out when you’re 20 and when you’re 21, it’s compulsory to go out partying. If you don’t party for five years there’s something dark.

“You have dinner, you drink a gin and tonic until two in the morning and the next day you train like a rose. I’ve never gone out before a game in my life. The only time was when we won the first treble and went to La Coruña to play. Pep [Guardiola] told me not to go out because I was going to play. Obviously, I went out. And I got injured in the 60th minute.”

GSFN | Kieran Quaile

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