Former Barcelona player Keita Baldé offers to help homeless seasonal workers in Catalonia

Speaking on Instagram, Monaco player Keita Baldé revealed that he will pay for the rent of 200 seasonal workers who have been sleeping on the streets in the city of Lleida in Catalonia, according to ESPN.

They’ve been sleeping in the street, without food, without anything. They work 12 hours a day, they haven’t even stopped because of coronavirus. Most of them are Senegalese, and I wanted to help, to do what I can. I’m not looking for conflict.

I just want to find solutions. I’ve helped with food, accommodation, and clothing. I wanted to do it anonymously, but I had to speak out to be able to find a place for them to stay.”

The 25-year-old plays for Senegal, the country of origin of many of the workers who have been sleeping rough, and has found facilities for 90 workers. This week he aims to locate another place for 110 more workers.

Baldé was born in Catalonia, and went on to play for Barcelona at youth level, before joining Lazio and then Monaco.

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