Étienne Capoue: “I like to play, but watching football is hard for me.”

In an interview with AS, Villarreal midfielder Étienne Capoue opened up about his curious struggle with watching football.

“I love basketball and I don’t watch football. When I was 13 I had to choose between going to a basketball academy or football. My family told me that football was played at home?”

Have you ever thought that if you watched football you would play better?

“Some people tell me that if I watched football, my career would be better, maybe. But I’m happy that way, I like to be able to isolate myself from football. I like to play, but it’s hard for me to watch it.”

What about your team-mate Dani Parejo?

“Dani Parejo helped me a lot, from the first day he tried to make everything easier for me. We have a very good friendship on and off the pitch. He’s an incredible player, one of the best.”


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