Eden Hazard: “I could leave Real Madrid next summer.”

As he trains with Belgium ahead of the World Cup, Eden Hazard (31) sat down with Marca for an interview.

Is this World Cup your last chance to show that you are still the same Hazard?

Yes, of course. I have to prove to everyone that I can play football. People have doubts about what I can do, but not me.

What would you think of Hazard if you weren’t Hazard?

That he’s a good guy, but in three years he’s been unlucky. And that he’s a good player who just needs to play more football.

You said after your first season that you would be judged on your second season, but you didn’t do well in that season either. What grade would you give yourself since joining Real Madrid?

Zero for the way I play because I don’t play. I don’t play but to be a player for Real Madrid was my dream when I was a kid and after this year I have one more season. I want to play for this club.

What are the chances that you will leave in January or June?

In January it is impossible because I have family and I like the city. But in summer it’s possible that I leave. I have one more year left on my contract (until June 2024) and it’s the club’s decision. If the club tell me “Eden, thanks for the four years, but you have to go”, I have to accept that because it’s normal. But I would like to play more, to show that I can play, that I am a good player.

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