Dani Ceballos returns to Real Madrid after two-year loan spell at Arsenal

Dani Ceballos has taken to Instagram to say goodbye to Arsenal.

The Spanish midfielder returns to Real Madrid after a two-year loan spell at the Premier League club.

“Thanks Arsenal and thanks to all Gunners for welcoming me with so much love from the very first day I wore this jersey. For letting me experience the feeling of being a Gunner and allowing me to be a part of your family all this time.

A complicated year – for many reasons- has come to its end. Especially for having missed the chance of living home matches in the Emirates with our supporters. Still, I assure you that I will never forget your warmth and support in every moment. I am sure that Arsenal, being a historic and great team, will soon be back on top, winning championships and being a reference as it is and always has been. This club, and especially its supporters, deserve it, and I am confident that they will achieve it.

Thanks to all those people who are part of the team: coaches, kit men, medical staff, communications and marketing team, employees, managers and especially the supporters. All those persons who so often work quietly giving all they have for this great club.

I want you to know that I have always worked very hard and tried my very best for this crest and this jersey.

I wish you all the best and the success that I’m sure will come.

Let’s go Gunners!


Ceballos has been important this year for Mikel Arteta, playing over 2,300 minutes in 40 games between the Premier League, EFL Cup and Europa League, where they came within a whisker of reaching Wednesday’s final. After a two-season loan spell, Ceballos returns to Madrid where he will fight for a place in the starting eleven.

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