Barcelona to prepare a lawsuit against Atlético Madrid regarding Antoine Griezmann

According to Sique Rodríguez on SER’s “El Larguero”, Barcelona are drafting a lawsuit against Atlético Madrid regarding the transfer of Antoine Griezmann.

Griezmann joined Los Colchoneros on loan from the Blaugrana in 2021 for two seasons. According to the agreement, Atlético Madrid have to purchase the Frenchman permanently for €40m if certain criteria are met. However, the two sides disagree over the details of the deal.

According to Barcelona, Atléti would have to activate the compulsory purchase option if he plays in 50% of the games that he is available for. As the 31-year-old has played in 80% of Atlético Madrid’s games, Barça argue that Griezmann already belongs to the Madrid-based club and they owe €40m to the Catalan side.

However, Atlético Madrid interpret the agreement differently. They believe that the buy-out option is only activated if the striker plays at least 50% of the minutes he is available for. Simeone has only played Griezmann 30 minutes each game in order to avoid paying the €40m fee.

Due to their differing interpretations of deal, Barcelona are preparing a lawsuit in order to force the hand of Los Colchoneros to purchase Griezmann permanently.


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