Atlético Madrid suspends three club members over racial abuse

Atlético Madrid suffered a 2-1 defeat at the Estadio Metropolitano against Real Madrid last Sunday.

During the match, Los Blancos’ Vinícius Júnior was subject to racial comments made by certain Atlético Madrid supporters.

According to Marca, Los Colchoneros have begun an investigation into the incidents of the weekend and have decided to suspend three club members linked to the events.

While the investigations continue, the length of the suspensions remain indefinite until further evidence is found.

Atlético Madrid’s quest to find the individuals responsible is not made easy by the local police force, whose coordinator refused to provide images and audios of what happened during the Madrid derby.

Enrique Cerezo is aiming to disassociate the side completely from these behaviours and Atlético Madrid released a statement saying that the people who committed the racist acts of Sunday do not represent the values of the club.

Atlético Madrid’s board are set to continue the investigations to find more of the culprits involved.


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