Andrés Iniesta: “I am confident that Barcelona will win La Liga.”

Andrés Iniesta gave an interview to Marca, in which he discussed Lionel Messi and Barcelona’s chances of winning La Liga.

The 38-year-old believes that Messi didn’t have to win the World Cup to be considered the best player of all time:

“For me it wasn’t necessary for Messi to win the World Cup to consider him the best. With or without the World Cup, he is the best. And I think that the person who didn’t believe that before winning the World Cup will still find some excuse to stick to his idea.”

“But, in any case, I think the title has been totally deserved not only for him but for all of Argentina. He started by losing the first match, he withstood that added pressure, to the one he was already under. For me, he is the deserved champion,” he stated.

According to Iniesta, Xavi is doing a great job with Barcelona:

“I think the progression has been positive. I know that in the end the titles are the deciding factor, but the progression has been positive for reaching the point we all want.”

The former Blaugrana midfielder believes Barça could win La Liga this year:

“I am confident that this season they will achieve it. In La Liga they are in a good position in the standings and there are still many games to go, but I am confident that they will win it.”

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