World Cup winners Spain are captivating the nation

Since the Spanish Women’s National team won the World Cup, the Spanish public cannot get enough of them.

According to Relevo, since the World Cup the team have not had less than a million viewers for any game. Spain’s first game after the World Cup, where they beat Sweden 3-2, was watched by 1.4 million people. The game had a huge three million viewers at its peak.

During that match, Spain also set a historic record. The game was the most watched program on the network with a total of 18.2% screen share. The women’s game has been growing all around the world and these figures are a real positive sign.

Since winning the biggest trophy of them all, Spain have been competing in the Nations League. They’ve played four games and won them all, most recently being the 7-1 demolishing of Switzerland.

The team are not in action again until December 1, when they face Italy.

Japtej Ghura | GSFN

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