Why Real Madrid midfielder Jude Bellingham cuts his socks

Jude Bellingham has had an immediate impact at Real Madrid, scoring a goal in the midweek friendly win against Manchester United in the US. Beyond his performance, there has been a curious detail that has caught the attention of many viewers: the holes that he has in both socks during matches.

Bellingham has done this since his time at Borussia Dortmund, and at the World Cup in Qatar, several English players copied his idea. The reason the England international does this before games is to prevent possible calf injuries.

“Football players who have big lower bodies, or calves that are powerful, tend to accumulate too much tension in that area. These cuts do not guarantee that the player will not pick up an injury, but they do remove tension from the muscle, and it makes it easier for players to last the 90 minutes,” explains physiotherapist Carlos Sánchez, formerly of Leganés, to Relevo.

“Players always use a new sock in each match. They seek, first of all, comfort. Those who put holes in them are usually those with calf problems. These openings reduce the risk of suffering injury.”

But almost all the experts consulted also agree on the same factor: above all, it is mental relief for the player.

Kieran Quaile | GSFN

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