Where Can You Stream Spanish Football?

La Liga is one of the most respected and watched football leagues in the world. Between 2013 and 2019 it was the top league in Europe according to UEFA’s league coefficient rankings.

Spain’s premier football league also led Europe in 22 of the 60 ranked years up to and including 2019. Given these statistics it’s not surprising that streaming La Liga is a popular activity.

For anyone who wants to watch it there are several streaming platforms to use, see them below:

La Casa del Tiki Taka

This is one of the most well-known sports streaming sites. It’s home to an array of sporting activity including La Liga and Serie A.

This popular streaming service is free to use and allows fans to watch action on the move using an iOS or Android device. You can learn more about how to use La Casa del Tiki Taka here.

Movistar Plus+, Movistar LaLiga and Movistar LaLiga 1

Movistar Plus+ is home to top class sports programmes such as Super Second, The Third Time, and The Day After. Fans of La Liga can also choose to subscribe to live league and/or Champions League action.

Anyone wanting to do this must have a Movistar + Essential package at a cost of €10 per month. It then costs a further €43 each month to watch all La Liga and Champions League games.

Arena Vision

Arena Vision is a free option for watching football in Spain which does not require registration. The service provides several channels for sports fans to choose from.

These channels include links to live sporting action in Spain and across the world.

La Liga Sports TV

Football fans can choose La Liga Sports TV Plus to watch action from various sports leagues. This live streaming is included together with the standard content that is part of the free La Liga Sports TV account.

The cost of the Plus content is €2.99 per month or €19.99 for subscribers who wish to pay for viewing for the entire year. This content can be viewed using the provider’s website and on iOS and Android devices as well as on smart TVs.


For football fans who sign up to view content on FuboTV there is often a free trial included which usually lasts for one week. This presents the opportunity to sample what is available to watch before any commitment is made.

Card details must be provided when opening an account. Once the trial period has ended, payments are charged to this card. The monthly cost of the FuboTV Pro Plan is $69.99. This covers the viewing of more than 120 channels. The cost of the Elite Plan that covers 53 more channels is $79.99.

For La Liga fans there are many options for streaming football content via websites and mobile devices. This includes free options like La Casa del Tiki Taka and paid services such as Movistar Plus+ and La Liga Sports TV. The choice you make depends on what sporting content options you are looking for such as whether you want to solely view La Liga or whether your sporting references are more wide ranging.

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