Víctor Font: “Antoine Griezmann was signed by a Barcelona president who is not a football person.”

Speaking in an interview with US media outlet Unanimo Deportes, Barcelona presidential candidate Víctor Font discussed various subjects, including the signing of Antoine Griezmann from Atlético Madrid.

Griezmann’s acquisition was overseen by the FC Barcelona president, who is not a footballing person. From the outset, my board of directors will include business people who have relevant experience in the world of sport and the board will only focus on strategic decisions that affect the club. We plan to have a wealth of talent on the board with individuals with experience in both business and sporting areas who will provide us with the ability to make correct day-to-day decisions.”

The presidential election is set to take place in Barcelona on January 24. Toni Freixa, Jordi Farré, Agustí Benedito and Emili Rousaud are all in the race to take over from Josep Maria Bartomeu, who stepped down last month, as chief of the Catalan club.

Font went on to emphasise the importance of getting the club structure correct from the off and that changes at board level are necessary for future success. “A fundamental change is the personnel who make up the board of directors. At present, the board is composed of rich people who are passionate about the club but have limited experience in the world of football and conducting business in the world of sport.”

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