Unai Simón to undergo surgery after Euro 2024

Euro 2024 is well underway and Spain got off to an excellent start with a 3-0 win against Croatia on Saturday. Ahead of their next match against Italy on Thursday however, one of their star players dropped some bombshell news.

The news revolves around Spanish stopper Unai Simón, who revealed at a press conference that he will undergo surgery upon the culmination of the tournament in Germany.

As per Diario Sport, the Basque goalie revealed that he has been suffering from discomfort with his wrist, although this doesn’t stop him from being able to play.

Simón didn’t provide many more details beyond the fact that he will have surgery, saying: “How long I will be away will be up to a specialist.”

This news certainly provides a new lens through which we can analyse the goalkeeping in Spain’s matches, and if Simón makes any mistakes it is likely that many will question whether he should be playing in the first place.

The 27-year-old did his best to reassure those in attendance, saying: “I don’t give it much importance, it is not something that prevents me from playing, nor something that worries me, hopefully it will be dealt with after the 15th of June after winning the European Championship.”

GSFN | Ciaran Currie

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