Unai Simón: “I have been supported on the pitch and in the dressing room.”

Spain goalkeeper Unai Simón has discussed his mistake against Croatia and thanked his teammates for their support in turning the situation around after a first half error that resulted in an own goal against Croatia.

The goalkeeper made the mistake in the round of 16 against Croatia, but ended up being decisive with his saves and has described the 5-3 win over Croatia in a press conference as “the most important of his professional career”.

Was the match against Croatia the best game of your career?

“Emotionally I have experienced games in which I have had stronger feelings, especially with Athletic, but professionally I think it was the strongest game of my career. We could go home with a bad taste in our mouths and we managed to turn it around. Every day I’m a better goalkeeper, every day is a new experience.”

On dealing with mistakes

“I have always been taught that football is an accumulation of successes and mistakes. When we make mistakes, the goalkeepers are magnified. The other day was an accident and I spent two minutes thinking about why that happened. The team needed me and I had to keep doing things the same way.”

What did De Gea say to you at half-time?

“He waited for me at half-time, what he said to me we’ll keep private but I was reassured that he came over to me.”

The atmosphere in the group

“Great groups are forged with adversity, I have been supported on the pitch and in the dressing room and it says a lot about the group we have.”

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