Turkey manager on Real Madrid’s Arda Güler: “They treat him like Messi, but he is not Messi yet.”

In an interview with Bild, Stefan Kuntz, coach of Turkey, spoke about Real Madrid’s new signing Arda Güler. In quotes reported by Relevo, he said: “They treat him like Messi, but he is not Messi yet”.

An interesting thing to say about one of his youngest talents, and when speaking about a new Real Madrid player, he could have perhaps used the comparison of Cristiano Ronaldo, rather than the Barcelona legend.

There is, however, some reasoning for Kuntz’s strange put-down. He wants to lower expectations and have a certain level of calm around the arrival of Güler.

Turkey’s manager believes that pundits, fans and even coaches “are going too fast,” with regard to their expectations from the 18-year-old. Kuntz said that the young signing “Still has to work on his sturdiness and physique. Talent alone is not enough.”

Kuntz had a lot of constructive criticism, and tempered expectations in his interview, but he did also offer some praise for Güler, adding that “He has an extraordinary talent, good technique, a good pass, a very good sense of space, and knows exactly where to run. He has his own understanding of football.”

Only time will tell how Real Madrid’s new signing will work out, but he has certainly garnered a lot of attention.

Japtej Ghura | GSFN

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