Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois took the chance on his time off from playing, due to COVID-19, to respond to fans’ questions on Twitter. The Belgian hosted a Q&A session, discussing the World Cup, Iker Casillas and NBA.

Who is more fun, Diego Costa or Hazard?

I think Diego Costa.

How did it feel to win the award for the best goalkeeper of the World Cup?

Very proud, although I always prefer team trophies over individual trophies.

Which is your favourite jersey from a player with whom you swapped shirts after a game?

The first time I swapped with Iker Casillas.

If you could play alongside any retired player who would it be?

Ronaldo Nazario.

Who is the fastest player at Real Madrid?

I’d say Vinicius.

What are your favourite cartoons?

I grew up watching Pokemon and SpongeBob.

Who is your favourite athlete excluding football players?

Roger Federer.

Your favourite Spanish food?

All tapas in general.

What is your favourite sport to watch besides football?


How do you pass your time during quarantine?

I exercise, play video games, watch series and speak on Facetime with my children.

Do you prefer to live in Madrid or London?

I love both cities but if I had to choose… Madrid.

What is your favourite cuisine?


If you hadn’t been a footballer, what would you have liked to be?

Perhaps a physical therapist like my mother or a gym instructor.

What series could you recommend if I want to learn Spanish?

Casa de Papel, Elite or Vis a vis.

Pizza with or without pineapple?

Without, please.

If you were not a goalkeeper, what position would you like to play in?

I played on the left as I was growing up, but after my header against Valencia maybe I could’ve been a striker.