Sergio Ramos: “I have no news regarding my contract renewal.”

Sergio Ramos spoke at a virtual press conference for the presentation of the second season of his documentary series. La leyenda de Sergio Ramos (Sergio Ramos the Legend) looks back at the highlights of the Spanish defender’s career and will be released in Spain on 9 April on Amazon Prime Video.

“I’ve been injured for a bit, but it wasn’t too serious, and fortunately in my career I haven’t had too many. I’m finally back with the team and I hope I can help the team in the final part of the season. Now’s the most crucial period and I’d like to help the team by performing at my best. There are trophies to play for and I hope we can win one for the fans,” Ramos said during the event.

On his Real Madrid future

“A lot of questions and uncertainty are raised because of the information that comes out. I’d like to be able to say something today but there’s nothing new. So everything remains the same. I’ve just been thinking about coming back after the injury, trying to finish the season in the best possible way and aiming to win the trophies that are up for grabs.

As far as the renewal is concerned, as of today, there’s no news that I can tell you about here. I wish I could, but as soon as there is any news, I guarantee that I’ll be the first to report it. I’m relaxed about it and I’m only thinking about playing, running out onto the pitch again and going for a trophy. That would be the ideal way to finish the season.”

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