Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti decides to take tax fraud case to court

An insight into the response of Real Madrid head coach Carlo Ancelotti to news of the legal proceedings being taken against him has on Wednesday evening been provided.

The name of Italian tactician Ancelotti, of course, has taken its place at the very forefront of the headlines in Spain across the day to date.

This comes after a major update on the ongoing tax fraud case against the 64-year-old was revealed.

As confirmed by a whole host of sources across the Spanish media, The Spanish Public Prosecutors Office have called for Ancelotti to be sentenced to a spell of four years and nine months in prison.

Back in 2020, the former AC Milan and Chelsea boss was charged for failing to declare a sum in the region of €1 million to the Spanish government.

The taxes in question came in relation to image rights earned whilst in charge of Real Madrid between 2014 and 2015.

As punishment, the Prosecutors Office, in turn, have proposed a spell of nearly five years behind bars.

Safe to say, however, that Ancelotti is not prepared to accept as much without putting up a fight.

As confirmed in an ensuing update on the part of El Mundo, Real Madrid’s head coach has already come to the decision to take the matter to court, in a bid to clear his name.

Not only that, but Ancelotti has put the money that he is deemed to owe aside, ready to pay up in the case of a conviction.

As much would give rise to a likely considerable reduction in his sentence.

El Mundo also provide an insight into the plans of the Italian to defend his corner, as follows:

‘Ancelotti’s intention is to discuss that his tax residence in 2015 was not based in Spain after closing his first cycle with the white team. This issue was accepted by the investigating judge but the Prosecutor’s Office appealed and won the appeal.’

Conor Laird | GSFN

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