Raphinha: “Without Marcelo Bielsa I wouldn’t be here”

In an interview that appeared in Mundo Deportivo, Barcelona’s Raphinha recounted the influence Marcelo Bielsa had on his career during their time together at Leeds United.

As it was communicated earlier, Raphinha signed from Leeds to Barcelona on the 15th of July. He went on to score the winner in the El Clásico pre-season match against Real Madrid last week in Las Vegas.

He reflected on Marcelo Bielsa’s influence on his career:

“He is a coach who helped me a lot from the first moment I arrived at Leeds. He always demands more, he always demands the best performance from you. He helped me get into the national team and he helped me get to Barça. If it wasn’t for his guidance I probably wouldn’t be here. He was an important person for me and for my career.”

The Brazilian winger was also asked about how Xavi’s and Bielsa’s coaching styles differ:

“Marcelo has a unique way of working. It’s the ‘Marcelo Bielsa style’, let’s call it that. Every coach is different. Just as each person has a way of leading their life, each player and each coach is different in their work.”


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