Quique Setién: Piqué was the best player on the pitch after cycling to Camp Nou

Former Barcelona head coach Quique Setién has spoken to Informe Plus about his time at FC Barcelona. He discussed his relationship with Gerard Piqué and the time the defender arrived at Camp Nou on a bicycle to play in the derby match against Espanyol.

The image of Piqué arriving on a bicycle without a helmet generated a lot of talk at the time, but Setién did not give it too much importance despite initially asking for explanations from the centre-back.

“I’m going to tell you an anecdote, do you remember a game when Piqué cycled down to the dressing room? They showed me the video before the game started and that day we only had two centre-backs: him and I don’t know if it was Lenglet. So, when they showed me the video, I went up to him and said ‘hey, Gerard, what’s this about’,” said Setién (in quotes reported by MD), who to his surprise was met by a relaxed Piqué who responded with “míster, no pasa nada (don’t worry, boss)”.

Setién asked Piqué how he would explain it to the press. “Listen, now when the match is over and I have to go to the press conference to give the explanations I have to give and they ask me about this, what do I say? Piqué reiterated that there was nothing wrong with having cycled to the game and Setién decided that he had to start the game with all his defensive absentees, a decision that ended up working out well because according to the coach “Piqué was the best player in the game”.


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